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The Crimean War

21 Apr

The bloody Crimean War (1853-1856) was one of the first modern wars in which railroads were used tactically, the telegraph connected political and military leades “back home” with battlefield commanders, nursing and medical practices on the battlefield were improved (due to pioneers like Florence Nightengale), and modern war reporting brought the day-to-day horrors of combat to the reading public back home. Read more about this important historical conflict at

The Bloody Aftermath of the Charge of the Light Brigade

The Bloody Aftermath of the Charge of the Light Brigade


Tuareg Rebellions

05 Apr

New page online reflecting the ongoing situation in Mali, with the recent Tuareg Rebellion and military coup. See more of the history of Tuareg Rebellions at

Tuareg Warriors in 1916

Tuareg Warriors in 1916

Also, the Serial Wars and Conflicts page has been revamped.  Check it out at:


Wars of Charlemagne Page Online

09 Aug

The new page on the Wars of Charlemagne, who built Western Europe’s most powerful empire in the post-Roman period, is now online at:

Charlemagne Picture

Charlemagne Picture by Durer