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Historyguy Newsletter 06.02.13

02 Jun

The Syrian War Expands


Below is the link to the updated on the Wars of Lebanon page.  This page lists the many wars involving Lebanon and now includes information on Hezbollah’s intervention into the Syrian War. Syrian rebels are now attacking Hezbollah inside Lebanon as Hezbollah troops battle inside Syria.


A related post can be found at the War and Conflict Journal on the topic of how the Syrian War is expanding into a regional conflict.  This was written prior to the Syrian rebels firing rockets into Lebanon and the subsequent ground fighting between Hezbollah and the Syrian rebels.  That article can be found at


Historyguy Newsletter 10-07-12

07 Oct

The 57th American Presidential Election will take place on November 6, 2012.  The two main party candidates this year, as everyone knows, are incumbent President Barack Obama, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Both men, as well as their two running mates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, possess extensive political histories and experiences that they present to the American electorate as justification for winning votes.

To learn more about these four candidates, click on the links below to access their political biographies.

Barack Obama Political Biography


Mitt Romney Political Biography


Joe Biden Political Biography


Paul Ryan Political Biography



Also, to learn more about the entire list of U.S. Presidents, take a look at The List of Presidents at



Did you know that eight American Presidents have died in office?  Four of those men were assassinated.  We all remember about Lincoln and Kennedy, but who were the others?  Read more about them at


And, finally, most of us remember that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, but who were the other American Presidents who won that award?  Find out at


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History Guy Newsletter 9.29.12

29 Sep

As American and other allied forces gather in the Persian Gulf region, and as Israel continues to prepare for a possible military strike on Iran over the nuclear issue, has several resources related to the history Middle East wars, as well as to the histories of the various nations and potential combatants in this escalating issue.

The regime of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad is allied to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is engaged in a bloody civil war with anti-Assad rebels.  Israel has stated that any potential use or transfer of Syria’s known chemical weapons inventory would be considered a reason for Israeli intervention.  The U.S. and other allied nations have made similar statements.  Here are some resources related to conflicts involving Israel and Syria:

Wars Between Israel and Syria at

Arab-Israeli Border Wars at


While Iran and Israel have not fought an official war, it is a well-known fact that the two nations have engaged in what is called “Asymmetrical Warfare” for some time now, with assassinations, sabotage, and other forms of attacks between them. For one example of this type of warfare, see

For a look at the modern wars involving Iran (or Persia, as it used to be known), go to the page on The Wars of Iran and Persia at

If war breaks out between Israel and Iran, the other allies of Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, may also become involved, which may also draw in Egypt. For a look at the past as well as the ongoing conflicts on Israel’s northern and southern fronts, go to:

The history of the Israel-Lebanon Conflict at:

The Gaza War between Hamas and Israel at:

The world is potentially on the brink of a new Middle East War, one that could draw in not only the usual belligerents (Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc.) and Iran, but also other neighboring nations such as Turkey, Azerbaijan (Iran’s neighbor, but is friendly with Israel), but also global powers such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and other NATO nations.  The History Guy Newsletter will continue to send more frequent updates on this situation.

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