Historyguy Newsletter 10-07-12

07 Oct

The 57th American Presidential Election will take place on November 6, 2012.  The two main party candidates this year, as everyone knows, are incumbent President Barack Obama, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Both men, as well as their two running mates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, possess extensive political histories and experiences that they present to the American electorate as justification for winning votes.

To learn more about these four candidates, click on the links below to access their political biographies.

Barack Obama Political Biography


Mitt Romney Political Biography


Joe Biden Political Biography


Paul Ryan Political Biography



Also, to learn more about the entire list of U.S. Presidents, take a look at The List of Presidents at



Did you know that eight American Presidents have died in office?  Four of those men were assassinated.  We all remember about Lincoln and Kennedy, but who were the others?  Read more about them at


And, finally, most of us remember that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, but who were the other American Presidents who won that award?  Find out at


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