Wars of Libya

24 Feb

Wars of Libya (1800-Present)

Libyan Flag

Libyan Flag under Gadaffi

 First Barbary War (1986)–Also known in the West as the Tripolitanian War, this was a war between Tripoli and the United States. From this conflict, the United States Marine Corps Hymn uses the phrase “From the Shores of Tripoli…”

World War Two (1940-1943 in Libya)–Although Libya was occupied by Fascist Italy during World War Two, Libya was a battleground betweent the Italians and Germans on one side, and the British, Americans, and other Allies on the other side.

Khaddafi Coup d’etat (1969)–The coup led by Colonel Muammar Khaddafi ended the monarchy, and began 42 years of rule by Khaddafi

Military Coup Attempt (1975)

Libyan-Egyptian War (1977)–A brief four-day border war between Libya and Egypt.

Libyan invasion of Chad (occupation of Aouzou Strip) 1979

Tobruk Army Revolt (1980)

Libyan invasion of Chad (1981)

U.S. Air raid against Tripoli and Benghazi (1986)

Libyan Revolution of 2011 (2011)

Libyan Revolution Timeline 



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